Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh When the Saints....

We had a glorious thunderstorm today, dark electric skies, the splitting sounds of lightning had poor Mac the dog cowering under my feet.  I was elated by the colors of the storm, and  led to compose these sets of earrings. 

Someone who shall remain nameless commented on my work, and remarked on the "lack of color."

I see lots of color here, my eyes and mind and heart are filled with these colors.  I wear these colors every day.  I often think in these colors.  I dream in these colors.
I was not offended in the least. 
Available for purchase on the morrow at Artfire and Etsy.

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Nice To Be Just a Little Bit Missed!

I've been working on a project  that has kept me long hours away from home.  Not a fun project, so it seems even longer in reality, but I'm back now!  Things bubbling on the stove, and in my brain too....
One of my pets is especially glad to have my company back.  Guido enjoys lots of conversation...mostly his own.
When I have to work away for extended periods, I get grouchy, but then I slap myself.  It's never for THAT long and by golly, absence makes the mind sharper and more anxious to get back to the business of creating.  Or something like that.
I'll be back soon!