Friday, March 4, 2016

Dusting Off An Old Volume....

Well it's only been 4 years since I last posted, and I think I started this one in December, or November or May?  The necklace below has even been finished for awhile and is now listed on Etsy, so I dropped the ball on my late to the party of life apology as well.  How about I pretend that I just forgot my password and act like it's still 2012? Sometime in the last 4 years I think they ruled that you don't need two spaces after the end of a sentence....I will have to Google that.

Boy howdy, there's  some spring cleaning to blog layout is seriously in need of attention.....I've been nudged by a number of things, reasons, signs,  to pick up this old volume, dust it off, and begin again.  I mean, why not?  Even though I am choking to death on the dust, here goes. I avoid technology, am quite reclusive...I just recently got a smart phone and a tablet...and learned to text.  My family about keeled over in surprise. I really like the phone not ringing all the time, so why didn't I do that before?? I digress....I have a CobwebPalace page on Facebook that I equally neglected as well. It would probably be less humiliating if I just deleted everything and started over.  I guess I am a sucker for humiliation. Half the blogs I used to follow are gone.  Over the bridge, kaput. We'll see how this goes.

My focus is still and has been for years, reconstructing, assemblage, what can I do with this cool old thing/stuff?... it gives me great joy to share, teach, inspire others and I do miss that.  Really, I will just pretend that I am here talking to myself and working out design issues, and then look around for a publish button.  It's just taking electronic notes, right?

 I took a picture today that I am in love with. Camera pointed right smack down into one of my  favorite tubs of  junk.  I love all the rust, verdigris, natural patina, it smells just like this blog.  Dusty.  All this stuff came out of an epic bottle dig in a Nevada town, on private property with permission of course.  The town burned to the ground more than once I think, I can't believe people would just throw away some of this stuff.  A half a dozen Victorian buttons with dragons...surely they were on a coat once? Some of it will find its way into shadow boxes and shrines, some into jewelry, I might bury some of it in my yard to be found generations from now,  Nah,
So here is the completed necklace, the design process was happening below.  The elks tooth didn't make it into the finished product, but I intend to use everything up at some point.