Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easter Postcard Images to Play with...

Yesterday I was perusing a very fun blog, AlteredArtifacts and noticed that the artisan gave away vintage postcard printable clipart, and I was touched by that.  Particularly since images are her Etsy business.....she has a list of free tutorials on her blog that I am anxious to look at as well....I thought that was a wonderful idea, not that my images are worth using, the postcards I scanned seem a little faded now, but here they are, for you to take and use how you like, assuming I did everything right.  I have hundreds of antique and vintage postcards and their original purpose was for sharing, so ... I hope you enjoy! ~Lis

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Treasures Just Off the Bench....

I'm pleased to say that the necklace I donated to Haiti by Hand has been purchased and is now finding it's way to a new home.  I think that Rebecca Sower's efforts will be ongoing and so I will come up with another piece sometime soon, but in this little meanwhile, I've just finished and listed these pieces.  I am really pleased with all of them, but the Maltese Cross really sets my heart pattering.  The combination of lapiz and aquamarines seems to really generate some interesting energy.   Okay so I'm a little nuts but I kid you not, the piece really hums for me.
I found the hand carved bone piece recently and the brooch casing was somehow too huge for it, so I reworked it and will create a reliquary from the other part of the brooch....that's going to be fun!

I can't believe the color separation in the  slag on this Nouveau Pendant.  It almost looks like picture agate. 
The filigree piece was a rework and I'm much happier with it now.   I really like jewelry that moves. 
These earrings were hard to capture, the pearls are a soft whisper of green, and the faceted teardrops are prasiolite green garnet.  I'm still working on the design....I want the drops to be looser, almost seeming to spin under the rondelle, so they're not getting listed but going back to the bench. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rebecca Sower and Haiti by Hand

Haiti by Hand has been organized by Rebecca Sower , and if you are a craftista with a heart to donate, please consider doing so.  But this is Rebecca's story and it's best you hear it from her. 

This is one of  the pieces I donated to the Etsy/HaitibyHand Shop , so if you can, please saunter on over there and look around, lots of lovelies and interesting things, and every dollar goes to the relief project in Despinos Haiti.  There is a price range for every budget, but before you do, read Rebeccas's an intimate, focused and brilliant way to help women of Haiti.
Please, if nothing else, try to get the word out...

When I think about how much difference a small amount of money can make to these people, it really amazes me to think how we can deeply affect and even profoundly change lives with our art.

If I stopped to count all the ways I am blessed every day, I would simply run out of day.  I take too much for granted and forget how fortunate I am.