Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just a Preview Now...

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday.  I could live off what I ate for days and days..:( We went to the folks house at Cave Rock, Nevada....I got one barely focused picture flying down the road on the way.  We've had days of snow since, but it is always lovely, no matter.

Yes I've been busy since, and here are some pics to give you just a little peek at what I am getting ready to list.

Yum?  Just maybe?  I am pretty pleased with this latest work.  I've been really focused on design and feeling my form, no matter how random I wish to be, my style is historically inspired by Victorians, Edwardians, Georgians, Flappers and Fiends. Pirates, Poets, Prayer and the Past.........So there you are, I am off to list while it is quiet and peaceful.  If you have a  moment I'd love it if you stopped by my ArtFire studio, only because you can see the rest of the pictures and it saves me just a bit of time.  I am still in the process of sewing vast numbers of market bags to use for Christmas gifts that I'll share with you next time.  On with the Holidays!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Checking in and Out

One of the first pieces I sold on Etsy.....

I imagine everyone is sick to death of these sort of posts, I'd like to put them all to bed myself, but I just needed to get this out and be done with it.  I have officially closed, not just deactivated but closed both Etsy shops.  I don't want to belabor all the issues so please let it suffice to say that I am simply not pleased with the direction the site is taking.  I don't want to ugly up my blog with all the issues.  Anyone can be successful without Etsy and the associated headaches and heartaches....just watch. 

I still have a buyer account and will continue at times to purchase from artisans that I adore, I am not about boycotting the little guy or punishing people who choose to stay.  And don't misunderstand, it's been a very sad journey for me.

You can still find me easily on  ArtFire and I'm in the process of opening two more studios there!  One of the new ones in the works is for my husband, serious guy stuff for the Western Americana collector, and the last one, CobwebPalaceStudio, will be an extension of my original handmade studio.  I've recently updated Bonjourmadame with a nice selection of vintage, and CobwebPalace with new old redux luxe.... There are other plans and projects in the works to talk about later.....

So there you go, you know where to find me, and I only want to conclude with the fact that I feel hugely relieved and can turn back now to what I do with focus and joy.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Ideas....

For ME!  or you.  Or anyone!  I put together a collection on Artfire, something I have no experience with, and I thought it was fairly cool and loaded with practical gift ideas.  I haven't received much response.  Do check it out if you have a moment, please? 

I've been building grocery totes with salvaged materials to use for Christmas wrap of late, and putting Victorian graphics on them, getting disgusted with the whole project.  I much prefer the look of silk screening and though I've been using nice quality transfer paper, it's just not the same.

I've put a few pieces in my ArtFire vintage studio lately and am off to list a bit more, before battening down hatches for our first snow storm.  Thanks for stopping by!