Monday, July 20, 2009

This Old House

About 15 years ago, Ron bought this tumbledown Victorian house in Eureka, Nevada. I have been working on it with him for about the last 12 years. Until recently, the rest of the family didn't have much time to devote to the project which is good, because it's just starting to get to the point where someone could walk in and say, "This is restorable." It's also been a wonderful hideaway and retreat for us. We're busy folk. We tore out plumbing, repaired roofs, doors, windows, floors, and right now there are two beautifully redone bedrooms, and a very interesting little bathroom. Now we can sleep in nice clean beds and shower when we're working. And playing. The kitchen is getting closer to being a room, which is especially exciting for me, it's got a cold storage cave dug into the mountain, and a gorgeous rock wall behind the sink, and a darling little garden room attached. The house sits against the side of a hill above the center of town, behind the Eureka Opera House. The picture was taken by future son-in-law Asa Gilmore, two years ago. He and Angie joined us for the July 4 shindig, and as apprentice desert rats, I think they are appreciative of the place, in fact they're going back to wed at the Opera House in September. We're all going back to work and play over the holiday, quite the caravan, Mac the Dog, LaBou the Parrot, Ron, moi, Angie and Asa, friends from Utah are driving in on motorcycles to camp....I intend to take lots of pictures this trip, I know you're dying to see the inside.....

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