Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Presenting The First Ladyes of Cobweb Palace....

And they are indeed the first of a new area of expression for me.   Paper dolls, puppets, free standing these are, but articulated characters are in the works as well.....Meet the ladyes, on their way to entertainments of an undoubtedly exciting nature.  These five lovelies have just been introduced in my Etsy shop, and I have plans for many, many more characters of the CobwebPalace sort.  I am using lots of wonderful antique and vintage embellishments, and will make no two alike.  Some will go to Artfire, some to Etsy, some will stay with me to adorn my studio.  Please check back with me periodically to meet the new personalities.  Paper dolling fits right in with everything else I do, and helps use up my tiny snippets and scraps of  antique bits.....Shhhhh!  I can't say too much right now, but I do think you'll be delighted!  


  1. Oh my! Lis, you have outdone yourself - they are sooo beautiful!

    I love all the trimmings you have used - the antique lace, the feathers and pearls, and the colors you have chosen are perfect!

    They need little carriages to ride around in, and servants to attend to their every need. You have given us grown-up dolls to collect and I want them all, with accessories!

  2. the detail is so gorgeous, and the color palettes just wonderful.

  3. Well I have just stuffed my face with this amazing eye candy...rockin bling! I love them all but that purple ribbon one ...oh yum!
    Inka :)