Friday, April 23, 2010

A Spaghetti Western

Spaghetti, because it's what I am eating as I write and tangled in nature.  So where to begin, at the front of the noodle, or the back?..

I have had my boots for longer than I have had my children, and my oldest is graduating HS this year, and I wear them lots, the boots, of course.  Do the math for me will you please? These are my beloved boots on their deathbed...and I still can't let go of them.  They have walked and flown thousands and thousands of miles with me, they are umbilically tied, they bore children!

But a girl needs boots.  Good, strong boots.  Especially here.  There's work to be done.  Lots of work.  I have herds to keep track of, livestock to care for,

and here is where I must digress for a moment.  This segment should be titled "How To Keep Deer Out Of Your Yard"  and so it is.  If you look very will see
a big red blob just to the left of the cherry tree stump.  It's a big fat strawberry that I was lobbing over into the neighbor's yard that didn't quite make it.  But that's how you keep the deer out of your place....feed them in your neighbors yard.  That's alot of work you know, especially not getting caught, and I DID get caught this time.  They're not nice people, (those neighbors) at any level, and one of them saw me lobbing something over the fence and came dieseling up in his huge stinky truck because I am sure he thought I was putting landmines or chemical warfare or something over there.  This entire herd of deer was entranced with my old strawberries for a moment that will never be recaptured because of small men in deisel trucks.  Oh well.  Oh dear, and excuse me. I have work to do.

And I really don't mind the deer in my yard, it's not big enough to hold and see all of them like this.  They come and go, and I plant enough roses for us all.

This is my laundry.  It's separate from the house and there is lots of special care that needs to occur so pipes don't freeze and I do sometimes stumble over the snow in my old boots to do laundry.  I fall on my ass on occasions, and no, I don't have pictures of that to share....
So I  must herd all those deer around and keep them fed, do laundry, and take care of my bunnies, and grow the garden as well.  And make spaghetti.  Three times a day.  So, when I caught a strange dog this morning, terrorizing my bunnies, chewing on and hurling itself at their condo's.......I was nonetheless very pissed.  Enraged.  I took off my boots and threw them at the evil "bunny would-be murderer-had-I not-woken-up-and-started-boot-hurling".  I will dream about this tonight.

MY DOG, was apparently on a holiday which he shall be docked for, everyone works around here, thump, thump.....and he was sufficiently humble when he arrived belatedly interested and sniffing about....BUT then!  A man in  brown clothes in a big brown truck drove up and guess what he brought????


Tall, laser cut with lizard skin behind her, perfectly seasoned...and totally in charge. Essence of leather, nerves of a porcupine. My kind of heroine.

The big bunny in charge of the garden blessed the newcomer....he was pleased in his Cadbury way. Very forgiving sort of fellow and truly appreciates art.


is now back on guard and doing his best to keep trespassers at bay.

and me? as for me...
I will walk and work a million miles before these boots wear out, but just in case....there is another pair coming, different colors of course....ummmm.....and maybe another after that. and another yet....... and the old ones I should keep around specifically for flinging.      
They just make sense in my spaghetti life. 


  1. Oh my goodness, I just got chills reading that!

    I'm going to be reading it over and over this weekend - first, I love deer in the yard and get all squeally when they grace mine, even though they eat the hosta, but you have a truly impressive herd!
    And poopy neighbors, the bane of existence.

    The lone stranger riding up in Big Brown to save the day - handsome hero - *shiver*!

    The look on your bunny's face, as if he knows there is nothing more to fear now that Lone Stranger is here, or do bunnies just always look that mellow?

    Your absolutely adorable but negligent guard dog, looking ashamed and determined to not slip up again - I want to reach down and wooly his sweet doggie head!

    And those boots!
    I am envious. That's all there is to it.
    Green with envy over those two perfect colors being together in a boot, and on your feet, looking so perfectly at home against the blue of those 501s!

    I need something to herd!

    I'm hoping that this is one of those serial spaghetti westerns and that there is more to follow...

  2. Nice boots! Those are some looks like all of your waiting paid off. It's always sad to see a great pair of shoes at the end of their life, but at least we know that they had a good run. haha.

  3. Hi,
    I just found your etsy store and love it. Needless to say, I will be back again and again.

  4. Oh, my! Aren't they spectacular? ;)

  5. and you have bunnies? of course you do :D

  6. I actually have three wonderful bunnies, and I walk them around the back yard in little harnesses when the weather and time allows. I guess it's not so bad when people think you're really crazy, I used to care, but not any more. ;D