Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Steel Wire and a Celebrity Crush

Things have been humming around the Cobweb Palace, lots to share, but I want to tell you about this wire I have been playing with of late.  In place of sterling.  And with sterling....I won't use it all the time, and not for bracelets because it does have rust potential, but it is NICE, and really great to work with.  My torch isn't hot enough to bead it, so I've just been wrapping, tapping, bending and pounding.  Here are a couple of pieces that I've used it on.

It's darkened annealed steel, and you can learn more about it from Deryn Mentock's blog.  She has a tutorial about it, and I ordered it from the link on her site.  The earring fronts are antique ivory piano keys from a child's piece.  The holes were from the tiniest little screws I've ever seen.  I backed them with antique sheet music and dangled old, dark mother of pearl buttons.  I will still always use sterling for ear wires, but listen up, this wire has potential, and it's CHEEP!

Ok so I have a crush on Deryn Mentock (her etsy shop)well, not in the Ellen kind of way, and not nearly as much as Johnny Depp, but she's my kinda gal.  I love her blog, her style, her heart for teaching, and her talent.  And the fact she's a Westerner.  I'm glad she finally got some boots.

Check out the wire, it's a terrific alternative to sterling or fine silver, and for art projects requiring patina and strength, it's got it all.
ciao for now!


  1. Oh my, that amber-colored piece is yummy! And the steel wire sets that color off perfectly; I usually don't use clear beads because the wire through them never looks right to me, but that looks purposeful against the amber!

    And I am with you on the Deryn Mentock crushing - her blog is so inspiring and uplifting, and I did wrap a pair of earrings with the wire that you sent, and liked the way it wrapped.

    You have the same sharing spirit that she seems to have - so many artists are so secretive with their ideas, and I understand the need to be somewhat so when copycats abound.
    But I already have my individual style and simply want to learn technique, so it's refreshing when someone is generous with instructions!

    Trying to think of any other "celebrity" I crush on - there's the Ellen thing, though not in an *Ellen* way, and some actors I like to watch but not crushy - I love Morgan Freeman's stuff, and Jim&Pam on The Office, but not the actors and only as a couple on that show.

    I like Mike Rowe, but want him as a brother, and Bill OReilly as an uncle.
    Can't think of anybody else!

  2. I don't blame you for the crush ... now see what you have exposed me to .... it is contagious and now I have it too!
    Artful hugs!