Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yard Sale Treasure....

It snowed last night and I thought, "Oh boy!  Crummy weather so I'll sleep in and skip yardsaling!"  Wrong.  Ron made me feel guilty so I flounced my sorry self out of bed and we drove a couple of miles across the valley to a subdivision that was having a huge neighborhood sale.  About 70 houses or so were involved but I didn't make it past the third house.  In fact, I took Ron home, grabbed more money and went back.  Please forgive me for gloating, and I do intend to share some of it.....

Rolls and rolls of French wired rayon ribbon, some of it vintage, some not, but it's all very nice quality.....handmade crocheted trim from Turkey,  gorgeous bark cloth yardeage, I won't bore you with the rolls of rayon seam binding in various colors, or the box of vintage and antique linen fancy work.  I guess I didn't get a good picture of the two books I purchased, one of them is a speller from 1808, and a little German songbook.  The 1920's bead fringe was a very fun find, and the wool and silk handmade shawl from the 1920's in delicious ice cream colors. 

I feel extremely fortunate to have added to my stash in one fell swoop, and needed some fresh new things for my reproduction hats, costuming and accessories.  This was indeed a blessing and not a normal haul for a Saturday's work.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time!


  1. WOWZA! that's going to keep you in a good mood for at least a week :D

  2. Lovely collection. I feel extreme pangs of jealousy. I'm glad you went back home for more money and that you decided to get out of bed in the first place!

  3. The cabbage rose fabrics are yummy! And those gold trims!

    Jealous here, too, though it's hard to stay growly at someone so sweet...

  4. Gosh ... you must live in one awesome neighborhood! What a stash! Now while your on a roll, I think you need to go out and buy a lotto ticket :))