Monday, June 14, 2010

Antique Clock Cases Incoming....

and outgoing soon, I hope I pray I wish.....
Ron just brought these back fresh from an attic in Gold Country, California,  the square ones are 1850's, rosewood veneer, various states of dirt, disrepair, coolness.....oh!....the possibilities!  Curio cases, theatres, little places for birdnest or tiny teacup collections...I bet Madame Talbot could think of something to do with these.  I've got to get them cleaned up and outta here....or they'll end up in my studio AND we all know there's no room, no room!

Speaking of no room, I snuck around the corner to snag a pic of the master antique scrounger/collector/packrat king extraordinaire, at work in his shop....
beyond the double doors encrusted with license plates and old porcelain signs....
Here lies the evil genius at work on

OMG, NO!  It's another clock case!  Or is it a lamp made from a corn grinder????no, no, noooooooOOOOO!!!!

Nothing like a really good batch of junk to get him humming.....

I'll be putting these cases on the vintage sites, but if you want to ask questions or feel a need to have one or all, pop me a note!


  1. I ♥ all things Cobweb Palace and Lis desJardins! Your hubby looks mighty happy and I'll bet it's not only all the antiques but has something to do with YOU!

  2. Oh Danette, you're making me blush, girl!

  3. Wow!
    I want them all!

    I love Madame Talbot's creations - does she have anything other than the posters on Etsy?
    I have one of her "Till death do us part" posters up in our bedroom and have another that still needs framing, and a few more marked as favorites - I could SO see her using these for something wonderful.

    I thought of another E seller when I saw them - LovedToDeath - I bet you've seen their stuff before.

    The first picture of Ron looks like he is under a Chihuly glass installation, with all the different shades of glass around him!
    And I agree with Danette that he looks like a pretty happy guy, and it's most likely because he has such an extraordinary woman!

  4. oh everything vintage is so ornate and beautiful...that middle clock case reminds me of one my husbands grandfather had!

    i wonder that the future vintage items will carry any charm at all?

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. LOVE THE CLOCK CASES! I can just see a pretty vingnette in there with an antique doll

  6. Love your blog! I love everything to do with antique clocks and those cases are amazing!