Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Fickle Tweakaholic, that's Me!

Firstly, I never intended anyone to think I was going away, by the title of my last post and will choose my words more carefully in the future. 

Secondly, forget what I said in my last post altogether.  I intend to list some of the pieces I had pictured, some I hadn't, throw some out the window, send some north to Alaska....and get those clock cases spiffy and put them on too, as I said I would.  Most of our country is probably travelling for the holiday so it doesn't even matter, I am talking to walls, right?  I shouldn't bother listing anything until next week anyway, but never mind. It's my job.  I may be a fickle tweakaholic but I am not a fickle tweakaholic shirker.  I am on the case now.  I love these things and have enjoyed having/making them, but I want to see the top of my table again, someday.  Ruminating on room, and the dizzying circles the vast amount of stuff has me running in.  (what?)
I've had this gorgeous Czech dress clip for as long as I can remember which some days lately could be nanoseconds, getting listed pronto.
So are these large 1930's "Pools of Light" crystal beads.  They've been center drilled so they're not quite as desirable as the ones not, but still lovely.  When you hold them down over paper, and the images reflect backwards to you, they're the thing.  I have a little stash of these from a necklace I didn't feel like fixing....they're outta here....
These are pretty fun, original half-penny coins from 1965, with chalcedony....I put these together today and am calling them "Old Money" they go.
This aquamarine and chippy Haskellish pearl necklace was the recipient of some fiddly tweaking today and it's finally ready to debut.  After I photograph it yet again. The cameo is a wonderful Venetian scene and the aquamarines suit it quite nicely.   Vamanos!
The wall charms are going back into the box for a total tweakover, another day.  But this one, my favorite this moment....
is getting listed too...scrumptious verdigris, warm humming colors and the stones, glass and metal meld so well.....It's gotta go. (to a really great home I hope) SOLD!!!  to a very good home....

If I hold to this plan of mine, I might see my table by 2015.

 Oh!  I want to wish whoever stumbles upon this diatribe, do have a wonderful, relaxing, fun filled and safe holiday. 

Happy Birthday, America


  1. Now you're going to have us all rummaging around under your windows, trying to figure out which one you threw stuff out of...

    We're not flying anywhere - are going to get some hiking in while the weather is still amazing, and biking to our town's 4th parade and fireworks.
    Did I tell you there were an estimated 85,000 at the base for the AF Tattoo celebration last Friday? The base is open to the public that night and people spread out and visit on the hill where the Wright brother started their flying experiments and listen to the bands.
    We sat on the hill and watched some fly-overs and great fireworks!

    I know that your pieces are going to find good homes - they reflect the love that you put into making them, and are going to attract people who are drawn to that.

    Let me know if you are going to destash the "pools of light" - I love those!!

    Happy birthday, America, land that I love!

  2. Hi Lis,
    You certainly have a lot of very old pieces to work with. I love your favorite too, it's beautiful. I forgot to tell you I thought the wall charms were wonderful! I haven't gotten anything done in terms of jewelry making. I have one cool pair of earrings in mind that I am going to get done today and maybe post them too. I always forget about holidays. Kingsley says I'm too caught up in my own trip. He's right. Keep creating!
    Au Revoir,

  3. Such beautiful pieces. I love the coin earrings!

  4. Alright.
    It's all your fault.
    I'm so happy you found me because you led me back here and I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG!