Monday, June 7, 2010

Fly Away, Spinderella....and other happenings...

My oldest child Olivia, aka "Fish" or "Spinderella", graduated from high school this weekend.  She's been mature and independent for quite a while now, but I still cried through the whole thing.  Off to college, omg where did the time go little girl?

It's nearly as bad for me as when I first took her to kindergarten, and she turned and looked at me and said, "It's okay Mom, you don't need to stay." 
She graduated with honors, scholarships, and has plans to enter the medical field.   
Okay, so that was good and happy and sad and  I have enough to be weepy about without getting all sentimental here.

I broke a toe yesterday.  Have you ever done that?  I think this is my third toe in as many years. I don't have time for broken anything.  Stumbled out of bed yesterday morning and made a beeline toward the aroma of freshly brewing coffee, BAM!  Right into a chair.  I was so mad at myself, I still am!  I got the garden planted though, since our weather went from 50 degrees to about 90 degrees overnight....

I worked on my studio all last week and have made great strides, brilliant progress, but I am not ready to show you anything yet.  There is still much work to be done, and I will be back at it later this week after I get a couple of other commitments wrapped.  I sat down and made jewelry today, reworked some always feels like I am "plugging back into the mother-ship" when I sit down and create.  It had been too many days without and it felt SO GOOD!  I am so loving this portable light box thing that Angie and Asa gave me for Christmas....I'll have to post about it another time, but this is what I got done today...

Now please understand that these were mostly rework, or I had the palette interruptions, plugged in and focused....I don't just crank stuff out, I AGONIZE over it....
So I am off to list these things and will be at it for awhile...oh! I nearly forgot to say that my paper Ladyes of the Cobwebpalace have been quietly selling, I am so pleased and surprised, it's such a frivolous thing to indulge in these difficult times.....but they are being adopted out and loved, I have a photo of one of them under glass from a customer I will share another day....and so.....waiting to be embellished soon.....

If you've  read this far, you deserve especial thanks for perseverance.  Bless you!


  1. Lis,
    All the jewelry is beautiful and so is your daughter! I wish I could say "mature and independent" about my son!! Thanks for answering my email...It's so great to make a friend!
    Au Revoir,

  2. Thank you kindly Danette! Oh, girls just mature faster, boys come around at about 30 or so, don't they? ;D

    I feel like I've made a friend too!

  3. Olivia is as gorgeous as her Mother, and what an exciting time graduation is!

    Our Rebekkah has graduation parties to attend for the next two weekends in a row and spent all last Saturday, after the commencement, "party-hopping" - she had over 600 kids in her graduating class!

    We aren't quite as tearful as you, with two more just entering high school this next year - ask me again four years from now, and I might need a Kleenex.

    Now your jewelry, on the other hand, brings a tear to my eye - you are such a talent!!

    I am looking forward to the light-box post since I would love to get started at CreativeSouls, but my photo skills, as you know all too well, are an embarrassment.

    Your poor toe!
    I did that once, decades ago, and am still a bit phobic about doing it again!

  4. what a beautiful girl! congrats all around, Mom.
    (my son graduates from 8th grade tomorrow and I've been crying for weeks)

    and WOWZA on those pieces :D

  5. Your daughter is just beautiful .... hmmmm... wonder where she got those good looks???? and you should be proud that she is just as beautiful inside as well. She must have been raised right :))
    Seriously now ... she really looks like a younger version of her mom :)

    Your jewelry creations are stunning as well but then your work always is. I can't wait to see what else you have been working on.