Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello and Goodbye, a brief introduction

Despite all the action around here, I've been chipping away at getting some things finished and rounded up to send north, to a boutique I consign with.  I  don't usually consign, I dislike it very much.... actually.  But this is a very extraordinary and special set of circumstances.  Wonderful boutique, great clientele, even greater staff, hard to get in to....they've treated me very well and I've been delighted.  When I send merchandise, it's placed in gift packaging, and a handwritten story or a few sentences of inspiration accompany the necklaces.  I put names or titles on everything, and an invoice too.....paperwork. 

Every now and then I shuffle and re-shuffle inventory.   I will pull some and send it up with new pieces, and you get the drift.....scramble things up, and keep making new stuff!  It's time to clean up the bench again too.  I do get really messy when I work.  It's this strange and wonderful cycle that I keep repeating.  When things start getting re-organized, new ideas emerge and manifest themselves by way of little piles everywhere.

These are "wall charms" that will probably stay here to be listed on ArtFire and Etsy.  They're just reconstructed antique and vintage bits, buttons and pieces that didn't move me for personal jewelry, though they are easily adapted....  They look pretty sweet arranged together.  The faces are rather special with hand detailing on a couple of them.  The large piece is an Edwardian belt buckle with the original lithograph. 

This one came very close to finding it's way into my jewelry box.  I love these goofus glass brooches and the bird motif is so universal.  I used a yummy collection of tourmalines and the whole thing has a soft, muted look that makes it perfect for every day wear ever.  I've done a number of pieces with this type of brooch and now they're getting harder to find priced reasonably.

So, these are a few of the goodies leaving home soon, and I just wanted you to meet them briefly before they have to go.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Lis~
    Thank you so much for sharing these lovely beautiful and so inspiring. I hope they all do very well at the boutique. I love the idea of a hand written story accompanying the jewelry.

  2. Gave me a scare! I thought you were leaving!

    Is the stone hanging from the goofus glass piece a tourmaline?

    And do you drill your pieces so you can wire them? I would have to work up the courage to do that, but Johnny Rotten just bought us two new drills and the smaller cordless one ( mine! ) is like a tiny race car - vroom vrooom!

    I love seeing what you are making! Always gorgeous, like the artist!

  3. Thank you for such lovely comments!

    Yes Dio, I drill pieces and though I used to be nervous about it, I usually rework pieces that have issues anyway, so if I goof, no huge loss to the antique world and can pop it into a shadowbox, right? I use needle sized bits that I buy at HobbyTown or stores that carry things specifically for model and miniature building, and use a vintage drill that has a wand shaped piece and a long cord....the name of that style drill escapes me. You can buy them new...the motor hangs from above and the hand piece is small so I am able to control it easily.

    I purchased some huge and lovely tourmalines a while back, and the dangle is one I selected to work with the smaller ones in the necklace. The strand came to me with multiple colors, (black, watermelon,etc.) in giant faceted teardrops, so gorgeous! I will look and see if that seller still carries them, they were an Ebay purchase. Tourmalines and aquamarines are among my absolute favorites.

    Thank you again ladies, your comments always make my day!

  4. it sounds like we are cut from the same cloth the way we work at the bench!
    intriguing new pieces :D

  5. Lis,
    I just had to come back and look again. Your pieces are so beautiful I could cry! I LOOOOVE the one that is the little perfume bottle. If it is hand painted, don't tell me because I'll cry for sure. You are my inspiration. I hope all is well with you and family.
    P.S. I just bought a new digital camera. I think I'm on a binge. I've been looking at china cabinets too (hee hee).

  6. Oh MY! I thought you were leaving too! I was so distressed when I saw that subject line : / I always find your work so inspiring!!!! I love the little bottle necklace too too and would like to get a closer look. I did not see it in your shop... did it sell already?
    Artful hugs!

  7. Inka! You've been so quiet of late, have you been vacationing?
    The bottle is quite possibly adopted, but if it falls through I would let you know. I am so sorry ladies, and will choose my titles with a bit more care in the future, OH! it feels great to be loved!!

  8. I found your blog via pinterest and I was wondering where I can go to purchase some of your creations. (I apologize if it is listed and I am just missing it) I seen your necklaces and fell IN LOVE. Thanks for your time and have a blessed day!

  9. Your Creations are Exquisite! So glad I saw your link via Pinterest so that I could discover your Beautiful Blog as well and see even more of your Creativity!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. I saw your necklaces on pinterest and I love love love them! Do you have a shop somewhere?