Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just a Little Peek...

I feel the need to show anyone who might be a bit interested, just a little peek inside my studio, just so you know I have indeed been hacking away at it.  My 15 year old daughter Abby will soon be joining her father, my son and my oldest daughter in Charleston for an extended stay, so I've been spending all possible time with her.  I miss my children beyond belief when they're gone...such is the pain of divorce and broken families, but I digress...
It's been quite a process, but then it only took me about 10 years to mess it up, the studio I mean....I've parted ways with years of vintage and antique velvet and silk fabric scraps, keeping only the very best....sent the lions share of my costume collection off to a friend/family member who has now been designated "the go-to girl" for such attire as needed by pirates, gypsies, ghouls, damsels, gangsters and soiled doves.  Things are finding their way to organized places and vignettes are forming in my mind's eye...It will be a little while until I can indeed work here, but it's just a blink now. 

This barrister case is far from organized, but my bound collection of antique ladies magazines now resides in one place, and where I can see them!

On the top of another barrister case rests a fabulous shadow box, or "Sorrow Box", made especially for moi by my dear, wise and wonderful friend Susan.  She does amazing work and I feel so fortunate to be the owner of this fabulously inspiring piece.  More importantly, I feel most significantly blessed to have such a warm and caring friend.  I will share better pictures of the boxes she's done for me in another post. 

I love the colors in this old glass window.  It catches morning sun, beautiful!  My birds nests have found a place to dwell...there is a hummingbird nest but I cropped this picture because of a stack of boxes yet to be dealt with.  The faded old ostrich egg was given to me by Ron's brother, who died suddenly and unexpectedly awhile young (54) .  I love antiques and nice "stuff", but my most precious things are my children's artwork, and pieces that have been made for me or given to me and come from the heart.

Well, there you go.  It's all I want to show right now, but know that my table is centered in the room, walking space all around, it's coming together and will be quite a magical place.  I've already had local inquiries regarding workshops here....Perhaps at some point. But for now, it's quietly, privately mine.
Bless you for caring enough to read all this!


  1. Hi Lis,
    Your studio looks and sounds wonderful. I love pics #1 & #2. The doll is amazing... I think I like your life. I've only owned one piece of silk velvet, ever. Thank you for your comment on my blog...It is so refreshing to meet someone who has mental clarity and intelligence and cares about the things that are important in life. Now if you are indeed able to say "no" to those you love, I'll have to consider you to be very well adjusted too. I am getting in practice saying "no" before my life is over. Yesterday I said it to my sister and today I actually said "no" to my mother. I shocked myself when it came out. I could barely believe I did it but I have to. Life is temporary...
    MWAH, Danette

  2. A peek inside your studio is only second to a peek inside your brain - both are so gloriously cluttered with treasure and make me want to see and know more!

    But grrr at you for trimming out the "messy" part!!

    Susan must adore you (but not in an Ellen way) to make you that box - what does the rolled up note say?

  3. oh i just love getting a peek into someone else's creative world! thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella
    come by 'screen' is always open to creative souls like yourself!

    creative carmelina