Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh When the Saints....

We had a glorious thunderstorm today, dark electric skies, the splitting sounds of lightning had poor Mac the dog cowering under my feet.  I was elated by the colors of the storm, and  led to compose these sets of earrings. 

Someone who shall remain nameless commented on my work, and remarked on the "lack of color."

I see lots of color here, my eyes and mind and heart are filled with these colors.  I wear these colors every day.  I often think in these colors.  I dream in these colors.
I was not offended in the least. 
Available for purchase on the morrow at Artfire and Etsy.


  1. You work in my favorite colors, and I know that those colors have a huge fanbase among jewelry collectors.
    A touch of garnet and pearly mauve, a hint of steely-blue, a flash of labradorite, all highlighting that silver and gold patina that only age can bring to a piece ... ahhh!

    I love all three pairs!

  2. I agree, the colors are STUNNING...I'm so glad I saw them and I hope they do well in your shops!
    Au Revoir,

  3. I love these... my colors too ....what was she thinking!... and it is so good to see you creating once again :)
    Artful hugs!

  4. You make absolutely beautiful jewelry, just my style... I'm having a lustfest! *smiles* New to Blogging myself and enjoying the connection with other like minded Souls.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. It's all lovely! Beautiful neutrals!