Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just a Quick Chat....

I have to tell you ....I really love my customers, and gosh I learn so much from them.    Recently I was a bit lazy when listing a piece and didn't post a picture of it on a mannequin or form, the alabaster bust photos are very pretty but not a was hot or whatever lame excuse, the mannequin was not readily available, lame, lame, lame-out....I just didn't do it.  SO!  A very interested lady very graciously emails and asks if I can snap a quick photo of it on a neck.  Hmmmm, no cute teen girl children about, they're all in Florida, Ron's neck wouldn't do the piece justice, and my neck, well, I wanted to do that about as much as I wanted to use Ron's.  A sale is a sale though, and so I told her that I would, but if she didn't want to purchase the necklace after she saw it on my wrinkly throat, I didn't blame her.  Crossing my fingers.....I sent the gorgeous necklace on (my) wrinkly throat picture, she purchased the piece, came back a few days later and put another on hold.  Wow.  Just wow!

Why do you think they call it a mannequin??
I have another customer, a local lady who pops in periodically, purchases a treat for herself, something to gift someone else, offers her very intuitive opinions about what I have in the works, and off she goes.....  There are a few of these ladies all over the world now, it gives me huge warm fuzzies.  I feel good about the growth of my work, I feel great about my sales,  it has taken a long time developing.  It's a painful process to put yourself out there on the web, and I have deliberately kept my shops separate, vintage for sale is apart from my work.  Watching those numbers creep up, oh so excruciatingly slowly!  It's very personal when it's your work, and not a pair of 1950's earrings....Antique and vintage sales are important, yes, but I think you know what I mean.
A Cameo Appearance...

I've learned to test drive all my necklaces before offering them up for sale, it's very aggravating to have a piece that curls, crawls, flips or pulls....not good.

Yes, I have some truly wonderful customers, if any of you happen over here now, see me standing front and center applauding you? Thank and bless you for your encouragement, support and friendship! 

While I was working on this piece, I was thinking about the number of cameo's I've purchased and been gifted over the years, and next time, hope to share some of them with you. Cameo's are such a classic, and I've been working with that theme much of late.  When I get them all out in to one place, it really is quite a respectable collection.  I like collections.  The cameo below is really a nice one.  The brooch could have been repaired, but what fun would that have been?  Yes, a really nice piece.
These pieces are available on either Artfire or Etsy....and I love them both.  I think the thing with confidence (mine) is that even though I know I am not the best at what I do, I still immensely enjoy doing it!

Till next time...


  1. I applaud your customers as well, for their excellent taste. Your pieces are absolutely the best I have ever seen and anyone with the good taste to want them for themselves deserves to be applauded!

    And your gorgeous neck is no doubt what sealed the deal - you have to be at least somewhat aware of the timeless beauty you possess... right?

    Talent, beauty, poise and common sense - I've never heard you say anything thoughtlessly cruel or anything that made me see you as anything less than the absolute class act that you are.
    I think that those qualities show in your work and your pieces, and it's no wonder that collectors want to wear them!

  2. Dear Moi,
    Yes, I agree with all that's been said! I am so happy for you and you certainly deserve it. I am not surprised you are making a name for yourself. Your work says it all...YOU GO GIRL! You are very fortunate and so are your customers :)
    Au Revoir,

  3. Hi Lis,
    I commented earlier but maybe I didn't push the right buttons? Maybe caused by old age? I'm not really thinking at my full capacity. Anywho, I love the new pieces...quite divine. I love guilloché, especially in those colors and I love the way you put it all together. If I were being my crude self I would say: "You're cookin' with greese."
    Au Revoir,

  4. Really, where would we be without wonderful customers? Sitting atop a mountain pile of dragon-hoard with no more money to make more!

  5. Your work is so beautiful! I love how you create something new out of a antique and vintage findings!

  6. Just found your blog today and have spent some time nosing around this afternoon.:D Love your beautiful jewelry creations! I also repurpose vintage/old jewelry and use new materials also.
    Glad to hear you were able to recover your friend's belongings that were stolen and the crooks were prosecuted.

  7. How do you feel about people pinning your items on Pinterest?