Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Customer Love

So this is what I've been doing while under some little bits of stress. I don't usually admit to stress in public ever, I hate the word, the condition and it's just not done in public, especially on the net where everything is a permanent record...and not in my family, my mother would gasp at these words.  I surprised myself with what I've done recently and I hope it pleases you. 
This ensemble was inspired by Sugapea, thank you dear girl!  Edwardian brass and enamel pieces complemented by vintage brass and drop dead blood red czech glass beads, earrings too...

Long story on this set but these cameos are all so lovely and were worth saving, the necklace and earrings were reconstructed using some gorgeously patinaed clasps acquired from my friend Danette Darbonne, Proprietress of EmbellissezlaReine.  I have had a wonderful time using rhinestone elements acquired from her shop, amazing collection she has, do visit her, and her designs are ultimate. The reverse of one of the earrings has resin and a tintype, a perfect and funky mismatch, but so sensible!  I will elaborate more on these pieces in the listings on my sites.

Moved to create more pieces from Victorian mourning elements by a dear and wonderful lady who I shall simply refer to as SP, or sweetiepie?  Those are the initials my stepfather uses for my mother...This focal is antique chalcedony and I managed to find matching beads from FoxyFindings, a near miracle imho, I had to look everywhere and judge color via a monitor...the tightly woven hair of the beloved is intact, but I had to remove shattered glass and replaced it with IceResin..I usually get it stuck in my hair and everywhere, this dome is unsinkable, Molly Brown, thank you very much and take a bow!
And last but not least, are earrings constructed from the most fabulous black tourmalines I've ever encountered.  I will never be able to replace these, I've tried.  1920's czech rhinestone buttons....and believe it or not, but you should because I am telling you the truth, inspired by the Jetsons robot housemaid.  Go figure.  This is what I do, who I am and bless you for spending even a moment of your time here.



  1. Hi Lis,

    Your gorgeous pictures look like loot from an antique treasure chest, enough to make one salivate. I can't wait to check out the new listings in your stores. And thank you for the advertisement for my little shop...
    Au Revoir,

    P.S. We all have stress, not meant to be pretty, but is a fact of life ;)

  2. Stress is what makes a diamond flawless!

    And is that domed Ice Resin in the middle of the chalcedony piece? With the hair under it?

    Bravo on the tintype under resin earring - asymmetry is true beauty!
    Have I ever asked you if you would submit something to Belle Armoire Jewelry?
    I'll bet that you could get a feature spread if you submitted a few pictures!

    I am two weeks away from being able to create all day, every day, with minimum distraction - can you tell that I'm holding my breath?

  3. Hi Lis,
    Thank you for your comment on my blog! I just asked my son's girlfriend yesterday if she would model some of my jewelry for me. I also have a mannequin head I may try the earrings on.
    Au Revoir,

  4. What amazing creations... quite often de-stressing can bring out the creative genius in us... I quite often work on my Art to relax, unwind and get back to Center since I always tend to lose myself in my Art and the love of creating is very theraputic... well, if only I knew how to spell theraputic! (sp?? LOL)

    I hope you came away feeling serene and restored after your creative Lovelies came to life!? Each one is as beautiful as the next, you have really created magnificent pieces.

    Dawn... The Bohemian