Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Cherry Tree

The Cherry Tree fell, Lis...he said as he brought her coffee early in the morning....she rubbed her eyes and said no, can't be true George...but George (my dear Ron) was telling the had started about 4 am with some wind and noise, big nudge in the ribs...what was that??? Hmmmm???? Sounded like lots of metal banging?  I dunno.....snore.....Later I arise and casually survey the sunrise and it's indeed blocked by a fallen tree, spanning my backyard and so, everything else aside, burying our beloved tree is now the order of the day.   No pets, buildings or humans were harmed with the exception of our sore backs.... We rolled up our sleeves and it took the two of us with the help of a neighbors chipper, nearly three days to fix it all....

There was a huge branch that looked like it was meant for a swing, that kept the tree from crushing the back of the barn as it fell.   You can't see it well at all in these pictures, but if it had not cushioned the fall, severe carnage imminent...we were so blessed...
My gentleman  of perpetual pants falling down worked like a demon to repair the damage, and the darn rock wall kept crumbling, I had my own chainsaw for the project and felt like a warrior queen.

It's pretty much all better now, wood hauled, mulch spread, lawn recovering...yay!


  1. "My gentleman of perpetual pants falling down" made me snort out loud!!

    And you have a great-looking backyard!

    Those two statements aren't related to each other, though it's too early in the morning yet for me to figure out why they aren't...

  2. Are you going to make anything out of the wood? Like a fairy ring of seats?

  3. What a mess and extra work Mother Nature caused! I'm glad no one was hurt during this casualty! I love mermaiden's idea about using the pieces as seats.

  4. So sorry to hear of the loss of such a grand tree but glad nobody was hurt and no major property damage. A few years ago our 300 year old Tamarack took a lightening hit and a large branch from the top of the tree fell across the street... which caused quite a panic among neighbors and city council so they deemed her too large to remain in a residential neighborhood and exercised eminent domain to cut her down. I cried... the tree was as large as a Redwood and quite magnificent... it was a painful loss for our Family and property as it provided much needed shade here in the Desert. Still miss that old tree and know I'll never live long enough to see any other trees on our property reach such grand proportions. We kept a large piece of the trunk as a monument. It would be a good idea to use pieces of your Cherry tree to make something special.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. I believe, as many old souls do, that a stately tree like yours does have a spirit and it is a sad event when you lose one.

  6. Lis, I just stumbled upon this and immediately thought of you!

    Very cool story about a Paris apartment that lay untouched for 70 years treasure!!!


  7. Hi Lis,
    Okay now, I've read about the cherry tree at least three times. Are you so busy out there conquering the word that you're unable to tell your followers what you're up to? Looking for ward to hearing the latest...
    Au Revoir,