Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh Baby, It's Cold Outside

A big crockpot of Chicken Tortilla Soup bubbling away and the aroma wafting throughout the house is just the thing.  I love this part of winter, and I'm not torn to be out in the yard coaxing my flowers along.  Spring will be here soon enough.  I wanted to show you the progress I've been making!

I wanted to share a good bead lead too....shows are few and far between here, and I rely on the web for new things.  As an antique dealer, vintage beads aren't such a problem for me.
I wanted heishi and they have a decent selection for a great price.  All of the strands I used on the necklaces were purchased via this site, it seems they even have regular sales every week.  Two consecutive Thursdays now, I've spent a little pile.  It's addictive.  I don't want to buy half a dozen beads when I shop....give me the whole strand, and lots of them! 


  1. You have been busy - Pretty!
    Thanks for sharing the information on the bead site.

  2. Wowza, girlfriend! You got some gorgeous stuff going on, here!!

  3. Ohhh!!

    I especially love the necklace with the aquamarine beads - did you make the clasp for that one?
    And the pendant with the cathedral finding!


  4. These are just amazing, but what else could we expect from someone who is so amazing herself :D

  5. Found you through Deryn. I'm getting ready to take her Towers and Turrets class. I hope I can produce beautiful work like you. Your things are amazing! Can you tell me, where did you get the brass gingerbread trim on the two top ones of your very last photo? Oh you have inspired me even more about this class! My email is