Friday, February 18, 2011

Tap...Tap Tap....Tap Tap Tap

A long snowstorm has me happily housebound and working away...I'm catching up on the "Of Towers and Turrets" class I took in the fall and was unable to finish as I would have liked, as well as "The Build Zone". I've got the sort of projects everywhere that I adore, and it's all good!
The buttons for both of these wonderful places are in my right side bar if you are so inclined to visit.  I think there is another Tower class getting ready to start if it hasn't already.

These are very cool wire wrapped links, using antique textiles.  Part of my Build Zone Class, but Deryn sells this tutorial via her Etsy shop as well.  The possibilities with these are endless.  I've got palettes with old silk and depression glass beads lined up...

I put these earrings together with twisted wire rings I just learned how to make.  The drops are vintage half drilled Czech glass and old filigree.
I took a few pictures of these pendants...this is pre eyelet stage...
The egg is just my first attempt at putting a bezel around a stone without blowing everything to bits.  That's another story for a different day.

Eyelets and rivets....

I am really liking this cathedral window shape.  I found some bits of very fancy bezel wire and set an antique faceted saphiret stone.  Boy howdy, I wish I had more of those.

An experiment in layering metals.  I love all these colors.

Theoretically, my resin will flow nicely beneath the old lamp brass filigree.  I have plans for this one and am calling it "Widow's Walk".

So!  I am off to plan my little reliquary vignettes, clean these pieces and start thinking about resin. 
Until next time,


  1. Gasp!!

    I hate to be this envious because I do so adore you, but you make it difficult!
    You find the most amazing things to work with and put them together in the most amazing ways - I do believe that that top photo is the magical palace you live in and that tiny dragon is swooping in to tell you more secrets of art.

    Do you use the tiny bits of solder and a torch?
    Maybe that's why yours are so graceful and mine so clumsy - do I need to throw out my soldering irons?

    Are you going to list them on AF when you're done?
    Or are they going to Alaska?

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous work, Lis. You've gotta be very happy with these!

  3. Oh please tell me your new pendants will be available to your adoring public? Must have!

  4. ah....WOW! YOWZA. I am gobsmacked. These are amazing!

    and I was so happy I can wire

    hey BTW..please put your email in your profile so I ( and everyone else) can answer your nice comments via email. I just hate no reply comment, which is the setting you have right now. I wrote you a reply this morning and hit send only to find OOPS no reply comment. sigh

    lovely lovely work


  5. Absolutely gorgeous. I really want to take that class now! I am taking two graphic arts classes right now. Are they going to teach it this summer??

  6. Wow, your creations are gorgeous, I really like your style.
    Thank you so much for stopping by to visit me and for entering my giveaway.

  7. Found you over Deryns Blog. Great bezels - I wish I'd be better doing them. But what is the saying practice, practice, practice...

  8. Hello fellow classmate! Love your art :) Love your blog!