Saturday, March 19, 2011

A New Focus on Focals

If you've been hanging around here for any length of time you know that the Man and I are junque collectors.  He went  on a dig this last week and brought home some trinkety wonderfulness I'll share after my department has processed them, The Scrubbing and Evaluation Division of the Archival Museum.  I was design pondering focals this last week and started layering bits from scrounges of days gone by, and thought to share a little of this madness.  I soldered some bits to excavated antique furniture hardware.  The solder darkened the rhinestones on the right, but after I studied it awhile, I decided I really like the effect.  I suppose I was lucky they didn't explode.

These are the beginnings of necklaces or bracelets, okay so now moving on to the other two focals I finished and actually listed. 
SOLD!, Thank you so much!
I am getting really fast and efficient with the torches, but still seriously lucky I didn't damage the cameo.  What on earth was I thinking?

An absolutely gorgeous pearl set into chased silver-I soldered it into the center of this antique brass filigree buckle.  Not so lucky, I singed the side of the pearl.  Not a huge deal particularly in this genre of jewelry, and the tiny little singe almost makes you wonder where the pearl has been...I really don't know what I was thinking.

Moving along now....a sweet friend sent me some bullet casings from her target practice, (Thank you Mary dear!!) and I was wanting to play with them a bit. Sawed off bullet casings filled with resin and I must have been feeling a little something when I chose the sentiment....what was I thinking???

The truth is, I was working on these when the disaster hit Japan, and was so very overwhelmed with grief and feelings of helplessness.  I wished and prayed for it all to 

And that's what I was thinking.

Until next time...


  1. Oh no - I absolutely HAVE to have the bullet earrings!

    Don't list them without giving me a *shot* at them first!
    I love them!

    And please tell me that you wear safety glasses when you are soldering near glass! I know you do, but just need to hear it...

  2. you are just a wild risk-taker aren't you?? clearly, those risks sometimes turn out the most wondrously fine creations.

  3. Lis,
    You will not believe this...Kingsley and I went on a hike in Tahoe last weekend. On the ground I saw a used bullet and thought to myself: "Cool, If I had two of those I could make a pair of earrings." Is it possible that I read your mind or that you read mine?? So cute they are!!
    Au Revoir,

  4. Really enjoyed seeing your work. Beautiful. Blogs never disappear and so glad that is true...I would have missed your creations! Thank you for sharing your art.