Thursday, March 10, 2011

There is No Justice

SOLD, Thank you!
for poor photographs.  I lost my daylight and set up the little's just not the same.  I will post a few of the baubles and bits, trinkets and bling that I've been working on....and then a big do over on the morrow.  I'm not being a tease...
Maybe I am getting too picky.

I've been productive, so check back soon...I will get some good daylight and show you what I've been up to!


  1. Such pretties - you have been busy!!

    We're ready for sunshine here, too.
    It seems like forever - so long that when it peeked out for a minute a few days ago, I gasped and went outside to soak it up!

    Are these getting listed on AF?
    You should ask John and Tony about the possibility of adding a "next" tab on your shop listings so each listing can be seen more easily without having to backspace or open new windows!

  2. Thank you Dio! And that's a great idea, I will send an email. So your mantis family will be out praying soon??? Lucky girl!!

  3. Your designs are so beautiful! I hope to get to your level one day! I am thinking about taking the Of Towers and Turrets class. Did you take it? What did you think? Thanks!!