Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trinkety Treasures and Other Excavations

Ooooh, a little gathering of schlockiness....it's been scrubbed and some won't make it to the archives, I wanted to get this quick post out to show you the glory and madness of digging in the dirt.  Yes, all this stuff and more was archaeologically extracted via major digging supplemented by hamburgers and Budweiser, in various ghost towns of Nevada.

Check out that ugly little black animal in the lower right hand corner....
 Solid copper and silver brooch, probably 30's...silly little thing, but it was fun bringing it around again.  It had been in a fire.   So had these...
I have several clock cases to work these things in to, but there is more where it came from, so at some point I can put some lots on ArtFire, in my vintage studio.

If you can be bothered to scroll back up to the first photo, several of these crusty burned up industrial looking things are apparent.   I soaked them for a couple of days, then I torched them to burn off some more crust. Sanding blocks and steel wool, I love the pitting. They're copper plated brass beads, large and heavy.  I think they will be wonderful with some chunky hammer faceted quartz crystals for a bracelet that will also double as a lethal weapon.
Until next time..


  1. This is a great site! I like the pictures in it!...Daniel

  2. That stuff is incredibly cool!

  3. Yep, you did it again - made me gasp out loud!

    Gorgeous photos with amazing finds!
    A lot of women have the dream of visiting Tiffany's to try on the jewelry, but my dream is to come out there and dig through old outhouses with you!
    Seriously, how much of a blast would we have if we spent a week cruising the hills there for treasure??

    And those beads are going to make an awesome bracelet with your hammer-faceted finds!
    I should start saving my pennies, huh?

  4. My heart is beating so fast!

  5. Treasure indeed! I can not wait to see what you create with them :)