Friday, April 29, 2011

Cowboys Incoming

Jeesh, I hesitate to use the words "Cowboy Poetry Festival" since Harry Reid shot his mouth off and was so roundly criticized for it.  Taxpayers money supporting the Arts and all that.....and this event isn't even the HUGE festival they have in Elko every year....only the second annual for us, we loved the experience last year.  May 4-8   and we have no expectations but some relative level of hope for a successful event.  Nevada has been hit really hard in this economy.  Foreclosures are still very common and everyone knows someone or several someones' who are out of work and/or have lost their homes amd more.

The music and poetry are just a bit of what happens,  a small part of our culture here, and if you're local I highly encourage you to head on out.  The weather is purported to be fabulous. I will be peddling my handmade wares, the antique store will be open, and so many interesting things are going on!  Wonderful art, the Native Americans (Indians) will be in front of our antique store selling their legendary Indian Tacos and in the Mason's Hall next door they'll have Arts and Crafts demonstrations and goods for sale. Activities and events are spread all over town.

I've been diligently working on my inventory all winter and this will be my first opportunity to put some things out to the public that haven't been listed in my ArtFire studio.  My focus has been on a more organic, simpler line of affordable adornment though I do liberally scatter rhinestones around out of habit and necessity.  If you do come around, be sure to stop by and say Hey, Hiya, Howdy or something!
Always some element of sparkle, I'd have to hide my rhinestones from myself to work without them ever...
Happiest of Mother's Day,and my heartfelt prayers up for tornado victims.
 Now....where did I put my boots?


  1. These shots looks great! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  2. Gorgeous!
    I really wish I were local - would be there in a heartbeat!

    What is in an Indian taco?

  3. So, was it successful and fun?
    Your pieces are stunning, I would have been lurking around your booth for a long while :D