Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Princess Sophie

Sophalicious, Sophanocious, Snowfie....Personal property of my parentals, I call her a number of things but she is without a doubt, royalty.  If she'd cooperate, I have the perfect little tiara that would look so fine on her funny little head...but even getting these pictures were a challenge.  Getting up there in years, it's been a little rough for her of late.  When she went to have her teeth cleaned recently, they removed three of them...then it was determined that her trachea is collapsing and the liver isn't working so I am a little nervous when I dog-sit ...we're off this afternoon to see Dr. Bob again...She is funny, smart, particular, spoiled, well behaved, playful, enormously provenant, cute as a bugs ear and no bigger than a minute. 
Pops and the Princess
My own dog (not pictured) is a geriatric patient so they rub along fairly well together...
till next time!


  1. I wonder if there is a market for doggie jooels?

    God Bless You for taking such good care of her Highness.

  2. She is adorable!

    The worst part about having pets is that you end up having to say goodbye to them.
    But may Sophie reign for many more years!

  3. aw what a cutie. The first thing I thought when I opened your blog . . . . "that dog looks so darn happy!" . . . you'd swear she was smiling for the camera!

    Give her a cuddle from me :D