Monday, April 11, 2011


This piece, which I had barely finished and photographed, flew out of here yesterday with my oldest daughter.  I had named it Tailspin.
Ah well, a match made in suits her tremendously.

I had just finished up a little pile of pounded and patinaed prototypes as well, she wanted one of the keytags, but I had designed those as a potential gift for a specific person.  A relative who is indeed working on an epic moustache.  What do you think?  Will he like?

This one above is the sleepy eyed version.

This one is after caffein...

Playing with metal makes me really happy.

So that's about it for now.  I have a little gathering of spring themed earrings to list tonight, reconstructed from old cufflinks, and some gemmylicious drops...but I won't be away for long.  I need to tell you about the houseguest I have coming tomorrow....Princess Sophie....
til' next time!


  1. Oh, I just want to cry - they are all so beautiful!

    Tailspin is awfully pretty and how wonderful that it got such a perfect home!

    And now... well, you know how I feel about copper and that amazing patina - look at what you did!!
    I do think *Charles Rennie Mackintosh* every time I see those roses you do.
    And I want my whole house to be decorated in those colors!

  2. OMG...if I grow an epic mustache can I buy a key tag? They are sooooooooooo cool.

  3. I love you both soooo much! Yes, mames...if you grow an epic moustache, I will make you a keytag that says..."Girl grows epic moustache"!
    Dio, I love you to sage and wonderful buckeye.

  4. They are beautiful! Working with metal makes me very happy too :D

  5. So much eye-candy. And tailspin is so pretty!

  6. oh the copper with the pale aqua is just divine.and pounding metal is *the best*.

  7. These are simply gorgeous!!!! Have a wonderful Easter!