Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Chatter

I spent the better part of these early morning hours photographing things to list on ArtFire. Ron was up very early and hitting the yardsales as usual, because of my still hurty back there was no way I could jump in and out of the car at the necessary speed, so I didn't go. Naturally I was very disappointed to find that ArtFire was down, really down. I haven't experienced that before. Though they're in Beta, I've never had issues so I hope they work it out. It feels kindof sad, like missing a good friend! I have two studios there right now. (my handcrafted items) and (supplies, vintage and antiques). I have neglected the latter studio and intend to remedy that as soon as the site is back up. I have more stash than a body can justify and need to clean things up and out. Surely someone will be inspired by the stuff I don't want, hmm?

1 comment:

  1. I'm trying to be patient until you put more "stuff" in your supply studio, but am going to have to venture out into the lame antique stores here to get a small fix until you get time... oooh, can I guilt you into doing it?!

    And I have to tell you that I wore the earrings to a ballgame here just after I got them from you and Hubs likes them a lot - so much that he asked me if I was going to wear them again when we went to the zoo last weekend!