Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Love A Parade!

A typically typical small rural town July 4 parade, on Interstate 395, which they close for the days festivities. These photo's are the work of Asa Gilmore . Fire trucks, ambulances, kids on horseback, atv's, strolling re-enactors, clogging girls on flatbed trucks, a grouchy know. Fun and exciting for the kids, because so many of them are in the parade, wildly waving their flags and throwing candy at us. Everyone should be in a parade at least once in their life. These are just a few that were taken.
Do you suppose he was wearing sunscreen?


  1. Oh, I need more pictures!! Not fair to just give a peek of the outside!

    Show us everything, including the view of the town and the Opera House, if it's in sight.

    I am green with envy... especially now that you have the lion's share of restoration out of the way!

  2. Your parade looks exactly like our parades, except for Gun-toting Dude and Tractor Man.
    I want to live in a city that lets men walk down the street with guns!
    Oh no, take that back - I live just outside of Dayton where they do that every day, not just in parades!

    And we'll let you keep Tractor Man - I'll bet he plows a wide spread with that John Deere!

  3. LOL @ your comment re: sunscreen.