Monday, July 20, 2009

Inside and About Town

I took this of Angie and Asa, he's responsible for the other pics. He's an amazing photographer, cinematographer, a great future ahead. Angie is an interior designer and does absolutely fabulous work. They're getting married at the Opera House this September.

Backstage, it's one of two stacked stages (slightly slanted) in the US. I performed here years ago, it's a wonderful venue.

These blow my mind. Asa's pictures are better than any interior shots of the Opera House that I've seen anywhere.

Fun place huh? The town is very proud of the place, and rightly so.

Back to the house....I had this visual of the layout and progression of this blog, and it's nothing even close to what I wanted. Someday I will figure this out and re-do it the way it should be.
Ours is the first room we re-did. I will have to add a picture at some point of the ceiling. The original wallpaper is still up there. Not perfect anymore, but we love it. 14 foot ceilings throughout the house make that work a dizzying challenge. I used to cook sometimes on the little stove in the corner, mostly when we'd go out in the winter and the rest of the house was too cold to mess with. There's alot more to the room, but I didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped. We stayed pretty busy.

We worked alot on the kitchen this time, and the ceiling mouldings in the front parlor and dining room. Ron had Asa mucking something on the roof, Angie was carving some of the detail back into the ceiling repairs and peeling wallpaper, we all painted and I cooked. Fabulous afternoon thunderstorms almost every day. It was really nice to have Ang and Asa for company and helping us. We figure 2 more years of our part-time work spurts and then the interior will be pretty well done.

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  1. Future SIL takes incredible pictures! Those are such impressive shots of your gorgeous Opera House! He and your Angie are absolute cuties, too, and make an adorable couple!

    And your interior shots of the house make me want to cry... is that first bed an Eastlake?