Thursday, January 14, 2010

Imperfect Inspiration

I work with broken things, rusty things, old things, imperfect and fractured, such is my world.   I draw inspiration from these bits, fragments of things I find.  I am also inspired by my imperfect house, imperfect family and imperfect relationships. 

I intend to stay busy this entire rest of my life focusing on the imperfections that inspire me to create. 

My methods of organizing would not be considered perfect.  Not even close.
I don't want these things locked up in boxes on shelves where I can't see them, so I do use alot of jars for my buttons, crystals and other important paraphernalia.
How things fall  into piles and then
   "become" something is a mystery.

How I always seem to know where the piles are, and what is in them eludes me as well.

Fabulous piles of wonderfully imperfect treasures.  I can't live without them, and yet, they have no life without me!  Well, so that's a bit arrogant of me, but they are MY piles.....lovingly drifting together in magical ways....I think they are capable of breeding, too. 

This was the most beautifully broken Nouveau buckle, now married to the absolutely unfixable watch. 

Scraps and snippets of old textiles and laces have become hobo-style shoulderbags.  I have only a few left now and am designing some smaller ones that aren't quite so labor intensive.

Some silly and wonderful bits I sold through my supply studio, Bonjourmadame

Silly and wonderful bits are essential to my world.

Why is this perfectly dull space here?

I will be listing this piece shortly in my handmade studio on ArtFire...Did I mention that I will be opening on Etsy as well?  It takes alot of focus and hard work to keep studios and the bm stocked. mantra....

Where do all these white chunks of space come from?  How perfectly annoying........
This imperfect blog is as good a place as any to record my affirmations.  I have things to make and ship out and away and that's more important to me than the elusive world of html.  These alien white spaces will have to remain until I can correct what it is that I have yet to learn.
So, what inspires you, and how do you stay focused?


  1. A famous quote by me id "I don't *do* perfect". It doesn't appeal to me, I do not understand it. It bores me- there's no good story in it!
    I too have strange ways of knowing what is in the piles and on the trays, and treasure the fraying threads, the dislodges jewels.
    Your work is beautiful, and I really appreciate your style ;D

  2. We just got a glimpse inside of your mind, didn't we?

    Beautiful place full of asymmetry and treasure, elusive diamond glitters out of the corner of the eye, and stories waiting to be told.

    You, my dearest friend, are as remarkable and unique as the creations that flow from you, and I am very aware of being blessed to know you!