Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easter Postcard Images to Play with...

Yesterday I was perusing a very fun blog, AlteredArtifacts and noticed that the artisan gave away vintage postcard printable clipart, and I was touched by that.  Particularly since images are her Etsy business.....she has a list of free tutorials on her blog that I am anxious to look at as well....I thought that was a wonderful idea, not that my images are worth using, the postcards I scanned seem a little faded now, but here they are, for you to take and use how you like, assuming I did everything right.  I have hundreds of antique and vintage postcards and their original purpose was for sharing, so ... I hope you enjoy! ~Lis


  1. Ohhh! They are beautiful, and you definitely did it right, because they are coming out crisp and bright for me!

    Generous you!

    And another "thank you" for the link to the Altered Artifacts blog. Her free workshops look like fun projects!

  2. These are so special :) Thank you so much!