Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Hard Day's Night or....

A Working Girls Secret....
I went shopping or "scrounging" today, and I normally don't hit antique stores with much success since I am an uber picky dealer with my own I had to really work hard to find anything.  I did end the day with swollen feet and some treasures!

The little boxed set of antique Colgate products is darling...the green talc can is only 2 inches tall, the graphics on the box are very sweet.  I love the graphics on the dye package too....contents and instructions are all blossom pink from the 20's!

I'm well pleased with the jewels too.  I got some wonderful brass filigree and textured beads,  a couple of interesting dress clips, a nice brass brooch from the 30's with a litho of "Marie" under glass, and some nice strands of rosary beads.   I scored some interesting very vintage chain and a little pile of earrings, and a couple of victorian pins.  Some of these things will be sacrificed to the gnarling hunger of re-creation, some of them I will list when the honeymoon is over.

One piece I found is the rhodium deco filigree lavaliere, with the pale blue faceted stones.  It's really very pretty but needs tlc.  The faux pearls are in such bad shape, I'm going too replace them with nice freshwater pearls.  Once it's cleaned and has a real going-over, it will be truly breathtaking.

I don't think it shows well in the pictures but the "sleeper" find of the day was a strand of ugly, odd boho style beads of undetermined nature.  My first glance blew them off thinking 70's Pier 1 junk.  For some reason I kept going back...then I noticed they was strung on fine chain....flappers did that because of vigorous dancing.  Gorgeous engraved brass barrel clasp, I have to study it more, but for $4.00?  I've seen single beads sell for more than that!  It has 3 very unusual hand hammered metal beads and hand carved bone bits. 

So, though my feet are mad at me for wearing my western boots all day, my pocketbook is pleased and I'm feeling smug.

The crepe paper roses are a delicate little spray from the 30's.  They just jumped into the bag at the last minute.

Till next time........


  1. It looks like you came across some amazing finds to work with! It is worth is wearing western boots all day if you looked great in them! :)

  2. That's funny Val! I do feel great in my boots, they add a "legginess" that I naturally lack and I wear them more than anything else. Oh, vanity!

  3. That is the most lovely looking pile of treasure! You have a wonderful eye and I truly love your recombination pieces.
    i have to say, that marie antoinette is going to end up being something spectacular, i just know it ;D

  4. Greedy me - I need more pictures!!
    There are intriguing things hiding underneath and I would swirl it all around if I could.

    The second photo down, in the Marie corner - is the blue trangular piece a dress clip? Yummy!
    And what is the egg-shaped piece next to it?

    And where is the picture of you in your leggy boots?

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments! Mermaiden I think of you often, you're not too far away....come hither if you get an opportunity.

    Dio, yes a dress clip, and an egg shaped Victorian brooch, which is now on the bench working itself into an "Ode to the Delicacy of Spring" piece.

  6. Wow ... you looted out! I wish I lived closer and we could have tromped through those shops together ...what fun that would have been however I think we might have had a little tug-a-war over some of those goodies