Monday, March 8, 2010

Ladyes of The Cobweb Palace, Act II...

Are you weary of the ladyes yet?  I'm pleased with the outcome of this little group, but am ready to take a break from paper and trims for just a bit....the jewelry bench beckons to me, whispering, "I miss you...".  They're all listed, between etsy and artfire, I could sink the Titanic with these dolls....I do have plans brewing for another grouping, but somewhat different.  Photo layout and fonts are giving me grief this evening, so I do apologise for the choppy presentation.  Until next time...!


  1. I love this new group even more than the last! Dripping with jewels and antique lace, they're just yummy and are giving me a serious case of "accessory envy"!!

    The only thing they are missing is a few good men to admire and escort them - is there any chance that we are going to see Victorian gentlemen eventually?

  2. Funny you ask! There are a few good men waiting patiently in the wings....

  3. Oh gosh.. this just keeps getting better! I can't wait for act 3!