Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter or

Happy whatever you celebrate....I snapped a few shots today when the ever elusive sun peeked for a moment and gave me enough hope that I won't die from lack of Vitamin D.  I was in the kitchen preparing holiday offerings....sun!  WOw!  where's the camera?  Got a few of my bunnies in there too.  It deigned to snow upon us briefly after this moment....

I do wish all of you a peaceful, introspective time....and may you find all the eggs that you hide before they smell.


  1. i love the peeks at your bunny collection! i am so jealous- i have loads of bunny stuff that i can't display because my 2 year old is godzilla.
    love the bunnykins cup there!

  2. Oh Lis! That beveled glass window makes me so jealous - is that original to your house?

    And I love your bunnies, and especially love the bunny cup, but I would trade three days of our sunshine for that awesome old Paas box!

    We had a very mundane Easter, but watched some strange Martin Sheen movie called The Fourth Wiseman, or some such, last night, not intending to watch it because of Easter but just because it looked worth a try, and it wasn't great, but had me all weepy at the end during the crucifixion, seen from a distant point of view.

    As skeptical as I am about everything else on Earth, and as much as the Baptist church should have burned every shred of belief out of my soul, I am so humbled every time I think of what our Lord went through for us.
    Any thought the reality of the pain He went through for us instantly puts everything into perspective for me.